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Loyalty System

Loyalty System
Where Kapu member can avail amazing benefits at every loyalty level
Kapu Gems is proud to be one of the first in the industry to launch this innovative Loyalty Scheme for our online customers where Kapu members can avail amazing benefits at every loyalty level.
This scheme will not only be an added advantage to regular customers but also it will differentiate them from our non-regular customers.Once you register on our website depending on your monthly/annual purchase you will fall in a particular membership
category from


Membership Year to date business Website
Loyalty Benefit
Sales Office
Loyalty Benefit
Average Monthly (approx.)
BASIC US$ 10k – US$ 49k 0.50%* US$ 5K
BASIC+ US$ 50k – US$ 299k 0.75% 0.25% US$ 15k
SILVER US$ 300k – US $ 599k 1.00% 0.50% US$ 25K
SILVER + US$ 600k  – US $ 999k 1.25% 0.75% US$ 50K
GOLD US$ 1mn to US $ 1.49mn 1.75% 1.25% US$ 84K
GOLD + US$ 1.5mn to US $ 1.99mn 2.25% 1.75% US$ 125K
DIAMOND US$ 2mn to US $ 2.99mn 2.75% 2.25% US$ 167K
DIAMOND + US$ 3mn and Above 3.25% 2.75% US$ 250K


*Minimum Transaction Value Should be 10k to avail Basic Tier loyalty benefit.

To understand how this system works, consider the below example; Suppose you purchase on 15th Dec 2022 then Based on your “Year-till-date” purchase you will enjoy the loyalty benefit.

Year till date = will always be calculated 365 days behind from your new purchase every time.
So in this case it will be from 16th Dec 2021 to 15th Dec 2022, To explain in detail, here is a small illustration:

With our current pricing, let say you get 1.01cts F VS1 EX EX EX None GIA at -22%

But, now with the new loyalty system – you can enjoy the below:

  • The benefit of -2% = For being a registered customer of Kapu Gems
    • This is not given to a 1-time / or customer from Rapnet
    • This is only for our regular and loyal customer
  • However, buying from our website and directly from any of our sales offices gives you a different level
    of loyalty bonus discounts as mentioned in the below example.
  • And, additional benefit based on the membership you enjoy as per the below table:
Membership Year to date business BASIC

Per Crt

BASICRap% Website Sales Office
BASIC US$ 10k – US$ 49k 8346 -22% -0.50%
BASIC+ US$ 50k – US$ 299k 8346 -22% -0.75% -0.25%
SILVER US$ 300k – US$ 599k 8346 -22% -1.00% -0.50%
SILVER + US$ 600k  – US$ 999k 8346 -22% -1.25% -0.75%
GOLD US$ 1mn to US$ 1.49mn 8346 -22% -1.75% -1.25%
GOLD + US$ 1.5mn to US$ 1.99mn 8346 -22% -2.25% -1.75%
DIAMOND US$ 2mn to US$ 2.99mn 8346 -22% -2.75% -2.25%
DIAMOND + US$ 3mn and Above 8346 -22% -3.25% -2.75%
Log In to our website and see Dashboard to get more detailed loyalty benefits available to you like,

Your Current Status:

  • This will help you to know which member you are

Future Benefit:

  • How much you require to upgrade to the next membership

Calculation of Benefit in each stone:

  • Whichever stone you select, there will be a box displaying how much benefit you will enjoy on each stone?
  • So it will save your time and will be more accurate

We look forward to your utilizing these services to its full advantage

In case any further information is required or there are any queries, please do inform us.

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