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We offer a huge array of shapes with extensive assortments

All the stones we sell are manufactured within our factory, resulting in optimum quality on consistent basis. With access to all the leading mines, we can guarantee regular supply of polished diamonds to our customers.

  • 0.18 to 6 carats and above
  • D to J and Fancy colors
  • FL to I2 Clarities
  • Wide Choice of Shapes
  • We ensure high standards in Cut, Polish, Symmetry giving our stones consistently high level of brilliance

Why Kapu ?

More than 85% of our total production consists of Excellent Cut Diamonds.
Our buyers have the satisfaction of purchasing high quality, certified, non-certified and parcel goods.
We Specialize in Type II A Flawless and EX EX EX white goods.

Kapu Gems has a vast range of certified and non-certified goods. We are equipped with infrastructure to handle assortment of large volumes.

Parameter Non-Certified Rounds Non-Certified Fancy Certified Rounds Certified Fancy
Clarity SI3- I10 IF-SI2 SI1-I10 FL-SI2 FL-SI2
Size 0.18-10 0.18-0.49 0.50-10 0.18-10 0.50-10
Color D-M D-I D-M D-I
Certification NA NA GIA/IGI/HRD Kapu
  • Round Brilliant (68%)
  • Straight-Edged Fancies (19%)
    Princess, Emerald, Radiant, Square - Emerald, Square - Radiant
  • Round-Edged Fancies (13%)
    Marquise, Oval, Pear, Heart, Cushion-Brilliant, Cushion-Modified

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